Deep Learning vs. Deep Value

Posted by Steven Aberle on July 25, 2018 at 1:17 PM
Steven Aberle

We talk a lot about giving users who aren’t technical easy access to machine learning and deep learning algorithms, all for the purpose of creating “Smart Data”. When talking to business users who are incredibly smart on data and their business problem sets that need answers, we’re finding out the following concept rings very true:

“It’s isn’t so much about Machine Learning, AI, or Deep Learning… It’s about creating Deep Value”.

I’m a huge believer in that statement. Throughout our iterative design processes, the feedback we get, and the more people who get their hands on the system, we realize truly how difficu

lt a proposition it is though. It’s nothing short of taking people who are really smart on their data and business problem sets, and turning them into data scientists, at least as an end result. But even that’s a little funny, because if you mention that to them, they have no idea what you’re talking about and they don’t want to be data scientists… they just want to use their knowledge of the data against new technology to get more and better answers, quickly and efficiently.

We look at the machine learning and smart data components of NNCompass more as a means to create value for business. And that's really what "Smart Data" is, where the "Deep Value" comes from. When you combine easy-to-use data management technologies with machine learning algorithms, AND a user who understands the data / business use case, you've given them the ability to create "Smart Data". And as we always like to say, without having to let a $6M contract or hire a massive team of data engineers / scientists. 

No one is really looking to invest in machine learning, AI, or Deep Learning without first a solid understanding of a business use case, or more appropriately put, a business problem those tools could be applied against. So everything is focused on creating language, wizards, and tools to help the non-technical user understand how machine learning could be used against a problem they have, or a question that needs to be answered.

And honestly they don’t care if it’s ML, AI or Deep Learning… what they really care about is Deep Value.

Good news for all you NNCompass users… that’s all we care about too.


Everyone Should Be Able to Create Smart Data.

You can do amazing things with data now. This is where everyone involved in bringing NNCompass to life talks about how your business can start using things like machine learning to create "Smart Data".

If any of this sound familiar to you, you're in the right spot...

  • I really want to take advantage of things like machine learning, and see what it can do for my business, but I don’t know where to start

  • I have a data problem. Too much, too different, coming in too quickly. I don’t have 4M USD to hire teams of people to overcome my data problems.

  • I wish I could ingest and get a handle on all of my data, not just beautifully structured CSV and XLS files, but all my emails, MS Word docs, Adobe PDFs.

  • I don’t have the resources or time to first hire data engineers, then data scientists just so I can start using machine learning algorithms to answer some of my most difficult business problem sets.

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