Podcast: Cyber Security & Data Integration with MG Jennifer Napper (USA Ret.)

Posted by Steven Aberle on March 13, 2019 at 4:21 PM
Steven Aberle

We had a chance to sit down with MG Jennifer Napper (USA, Ret.), now VP of Cyber at Perspecta, to talk about a wide range of topics including cyber security and data management strategies. We also had the opportunity to discuss our partnership on a large scale data integration effort. NNData teamed with Perspecta to deliver a data integration and migration strategy through our cloud-based data management software NNCompass on AWS GovCloud operating on Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). 

Utilizing AWS GovCloud and EC2 for Large Scale Data Integration:


 An organization within DoD has mountains of data in multiple different databases, formats and schemas. They needed a tool to extract information out of target databases and unstructured sources, transform and enrich the data, then produce a non-proprietary unified data format for migration into the target data analytics store to enable reporting, application of AI/ML algorithms to find anomalies and make predictions, and get answers to questions they hadn’t been able to answer before.

 To ask difficult questions of all that data and get answers that are meaningful, accurate, and relevant; you have to move through an engineering process called ETL (extract, transform, load). Without the right cloud data management software that provides a single pane of glass for ETL, preparation, transformation, and orchestration of AWS AI services for enrichment, this process can takes months of software development, testing and deployment - and the result can often be brittle and error prone. 

 Implementing this type of process on AWS with NNCompass, where you can orchestrate the timing of ETL against Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) runtime costs, can save organizations time, money and resources. NNCompass allowed our customer to:

  • Natively connect to their target databases (support for over 200+ connections).AWS-Badge
  • Handle unstructured data ingestion and preparation: Prep unstructured data in the same way you would structured data (using ML models that apply structure and extract key information from unstructured files, like Word, PDF, PPT, TXT and RTF.
  • Quickly test and validate all of your transformation and enrichment operations in-memory, without having to move data unnecessarily. 
  • Understand the schema of connected data sources, and importantly apply our unified data format (UDF) which allows you to not only easily integrate the data, but natively support the migration of data into the target data analytics store.

 It was estimated that by using NNCompass on AWS GovCloud for this particular client, it increased the efficiency of their data integration effort by over 80%.


Topics: Data Management, AWS GovCloud, Data Integration, AWS EC2

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