Podcast: Natural Language Understanding with Pepi Strafforello of ExpertSystem

Posted by Steven Aberle on May 24, 2019 at 4:23 PM
Steven Aberle

We've got a good one lined up here for all the Machine Learning for the Masses listeners out there... with Giuseppe Strafforello, the CTO of ExpertSystem USA... a company we've mentioned on the podcast before when my partner in crime Jerry Gay and I set out on a journey to find the state of the art in natural language processing. Guiseppe has a wealth of knowledge as it relates to utilizing AI against language, NLP and natural language understanding.

To start out here, a general statement based off our experience with commercial and open source NLP, If we put Cogito, ExpertSystem's NLU product, up against some of the other major providers there's a very... clear winner... I asked him, without having to divulge any trade secrets, what is their secret sauce? It's interesting, Pepi gives the analogy of performing NLU on a quantum physics textbook, how much information would that impart to say a toddler vs a psychologists vs the professor who wrote the book... and how important human context is to that overall question...

  • We talked about the difference between artificial intelligence and artificial intuition, which is becoming a theme on this podcast. But I asked what happens when Cogito integrates the human back into the loop of NLP AI.
  • I ask Pepi here how important is human generated feedback and annotation for AI, machine learning and NLP?
  • Why is NLP so difficult and has the advent of deep learning improved NLP in a significant way?
  • Jerry led us down the path of talking about neural network signals that are easy to train for binary pattern recognition and how that's different for language, and how closely language is bound to culture... a great conversation here, and what's amazing, is just a few doors down is Lois Andre, the CEO of ExpertSystems USA the last living human who speaks a specific dialect of Vietnamese Montagnard... and how English concepts just couldn't relate to their language.
  • Cogito talks in terms of NLU, or natural language understanding, whereas most people are familiar with the term NLP, natural language processing. I ask him the difference between NLP and NLU.
  • When we have customers that evaluate technologies to enrich unstructured data for data process automation, it's often difficult to explain why it is Cogito outperforms. I asked Pepi to dive into that a little deeper.
  • Where are we with NLP now, and where are we going in the next 2, 3, 5 years...???
  • I asked Pepi where has NLP/NLU made the most impact against use cases or ROI for the enterprise, or just AI in general.


Thanks to Pepi and ExpertSystemUSA for talking all things natural language understanding, and thanks to you, for subscribing and hitting that play button... find out more about ExpertSystemUSA and Cogito by navigating to www.expertsystem.com.

Topics: AI, TextAI, natural language processing, natural language understanding, cogito

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